CBD Bath Salts - 'Zen' Pacific Ocean - 3 Sizes Available

CBD Bath Salts - 'Zen' Pacific Ocean - 3 Sizes Available

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The newest edition to the ‘ZEN’ collection- our Pacific Ocean blend- designed to transport you to the coast. Close your eyes and you’ll hear the ocean crash against the sand. Hints of ponderosa pine, amber wood moss, and tea tree act as a cleanse to wash away the stress of the day. Our Pacific Ocean blend was developed to help calm the nerves, cleanse the body and mind, and recharge the respiratory system.

USE: Our fizzing bath salts can be used in the bath to soak in some CBD, or in the shower as an exfoliant. We recommend 2-4 ounces per use, equivalent to 50-100 mg of CBD.

INGREDIENTS: Epsom salts, Citric Acid, CBD Isolate, coconut oil, arrowroot, essential oils.



*corn starch free*     *organic*    *fragrance free*