CBD Bath Salts - 'Balance' Ylang Ylang Bamboo & Teak 1 lb. 420 MG

CBD Bath Salts - 'Balance' Ylang Ylang Bamboo & Teak 1 lb. 420 MG

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Fizzing CBD Bath Salts- 420 MG ‘Balance’ ylang ylang, bamboo & teak

Our beautiful coupling of Ylang Ylang, bamboo, and teak is a refreshing, cleansing blend of essential oils best used for reducting sebum production to prevent breakouts, moisturizing skin to prevent  chronic dry skin. Great for improving the overall texture of your skin and giving you that beautiful summer glow.

Excess sebum production, dead cells and bacterial infection can worsen acne breakouts, our 'Balance' blends are specifically designed with the absolute best ingredients to improve the health of your skin, Ylang Ylang also has antibacterial agents to remove and cleanse dead cells and prevent bacterial infection. 

Stress and depression can also trigger dips in health and cause skin ailments. Our essential oil blends also house properties to relieve stress and improve the healing process.

Bamboo extract strengthens the skin- making it perfect for those suffering from acne. When you’re dealing with acne, you’re also likely affected by a damaged moisture barrier - bamboo will create an armor on the outer barrier of your skin that protects you from environmental pollutants and bacteria. Teak leaves are integral to provide a cooling sensation for the skin.