Full Spectrum Bath Salts - Black Orchid Charcoal Detox

Full Spectrum Bath Salts - Black Orchid Charcoal Detox

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Our ‘Detox’ black orchid charcoal Full Spectrum Fizzing Bath Salts

Orchids are 'the perfect plant for the skin' containing calcium, magnesium and zinc which are all beneficial - enhancing skins ability to retain moisture, reducing fine lines, signs of aging, and the perfect accompaniment to our full spectrum bath salts.

Activated charcoal is essentially charcoal treated with oxygen. Ultra absorbent and allows it to extract dirt, oils and grime from your skin with ease.  Dissolving clogged pores and reducing dark spots, activated charcoal is an incredibly detoxifying ingredient that works to absorb excess oil and dirt from the face, revealing clearer, cleaner, healthier skin.


INGREDIENTS: Epsom salt, organic baking soda, citric acid, organic arrowroot flour, organic coconut flour, activated charcoal, Full spectrum isolate,  coconut oil, essential oils.