CBD Bath Salts - 'Signature' White Thyme Eucalyptus - 3 Sizes Available

CBD Bath Salts - 'Signature' White Thyme Eucalyptus - 3 Sizes Available

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Our ‘Signature’ Fizzing Bath Salts contain white thyme, eucalyptus, clove, rosemary & lemon from our family farm.

This blend was developed specifically for pain and inflammation, especially beneficial to ease the symptoms of arthritis.

The thymol in thyme oil is effective at reducing inflammation, infection, and is a powerful antibacterial. 
Eucalyptus extract has been found to boost skin ceramide production, water-holding capacity for hydration, and provides the skin with a barrier of protection.

Because it helps improve circulation, clove oil is ideal for reducing the pain and discomfort typically associated with tension headaches, and had anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Rosemary essential oil is proven to help boost the immune system and can improve blood circulation, integral to healing. Rosemary is also widely considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory performance and quality.

Not to mention the scent of our signature bath salts on their own are a healing breath of fresh air.