CBD Bath Salts - Boujee B*tch Blend

CBD Bath Salts - Boujee B*tch Blend

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Rosemary, Black Pine, and Lemon Verbena make this Boujee B*tch Blend sparkle. Because she bad. 

Lemon verbena contains powerful antioxidant enzymes which help reduce acne and puffiness around the eyes. Also known for its toning, soothing and healing properties.

The antioxidant-rich nature of black pine extract shields skin from pollution. Plentiful polyphenols to smooth the appearance of wrinkles while enhancing skin elasticity and firmness.

Rosemary to fight off energy vampires, tighten and tone where the sun may not have shone. 

The ultimate in our Ageless Collection for skin regeneration, Boujee B*tch Blend is our mini fountain of youth.